Cannabis Q+A

City Cannabis Co. is working to fulfill all regulatory requirements from all three levels of government as we receive relevant details. We have been licensed by the city and as per the city’s guidance, have made our provincial application and have complied with all requests both have made.  


Will City Cannabis Co. remain open since cannabis has been legalized?

We have a significant number of customers that have medical cannabis needs. We continue to operate to ensure that our customers have consistent safe access to the products that they need.

Our flagship store at Robson and Granville has been licensed by the city. Additionally, more stores are to come as we work through the regulatory process. Subscribe to our mailing list and check-in for new locations.

Is there an age requirement for entering the store or purchasing cannabis? 

While the federal Cannabis Act sets the age requirement at 18, each Province has the authority to raise the minimum age requirement. In British Columbia, the minimum age required to purchase, possess, or consume cannabis is 19. Guests must be 19 years and older to be in the store.

What do I need to purchase cannabis? 

A government-issued photo ID is required to verify guests are 19 years and older. 

What forms of cannabis can I purchase? 

The federal Cannabis Act legalizes fresh and dried cannabis, cannabis oil, and plants and seeds for cultivation. At City Cannabis, you can buy dried cannabis, cannabis oils, and seeds. Currently, it is not legal to sell or purchase edible products and concentrates. 

How much cannabis am I allowed to carry? 

Federal legislation stipulates that individuals can possess up to 30 grams of legal dried cannabis, or its equivalent in other forms. 

Can I drive under the influence of Cannabis? 

Drug-impaired driving is illegal in B.C. This will continue to be the case after legalization. The Province has stated that it will increase training for law enforcement and toughen provincial regulations to address drug-impaired driving, as part of its cannabis legalization efforts.