Our Story

At City Cannabis, we are passionate about sharing our cannabis knowledge and expertise with people seeking natural and alternative choices for their daily health and wellness needs. 

Everyday, we are learning more about how cannabis can help people heal and unwind. In the new world of legal cannabis, our vision is shaped by a desire to erase the stigma and change the perceptions around cannabis and its consumers. 

We design all of our stores to reflect Vancouver’s unique sense of place, blending an urban sensibility into an aesthetic defined by lush coastal rainforests and majestic alpine mountains.
Our store is filled with natural greenery and lighting, and we custom-make all the furniture using
re-claimed wood and other natural materials from the Pacific Northwest. City Cannabis pairs a curated retail space with a team of friendly and highly-trained staff to help guests find the right product for every occasion.

If you are hesitant and just want to check out the store, feel free. From interactive menus on iPads throughout the store and aromatic cannabis display pods to informative wall decals about CBD and carefully selected books on all things Cannabis, there is a lot to see. Come visit us and have all your cannabis questions answered by our knowledgeable staff.

The City Cannabis Co. flagship store is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, right off of the iconic cross street at Robson and Granville Street. The store is located on the ground floor of the bustling City Centre area, across the street from Nordstrom and many other shops. Escape from the hectic pace of city life to this serene urban oasis. 

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Holistic Wellness

More and more people are recognizing the value of self-care and slowing down for wellness, amid the quickening pace of city life. We wholeheartedly believe in the positive benefits of cannabis, whether as medicine or for recreation. Our carefully-crafted retail space and highly-trained staff will help our guests integrate cannabis into a health and balanced lifestyle. 



Born out of the sublime coastal landscapes and rich biodiversity of British Columbia, City Cannabis is deeply attuned with the importance of our role as environmental stewards and the need to reduce our ecological footprint. We strive to foster sustainable practices that gives back to the planet and our local community. Through ongoing sustainability efforts, we want to support our customers in developing a healthy relationship with this planet. 



Our passion is driven by the desire to educate and connect people to the wonderful world of cannabis. We recognize that cannabis consumers come from all walks of life, and with different needs and levels of cannabis knowledge. We will continue working to provide an approachable guest experience and to make City Cannabis an educational and accessible space for everyone.